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A red car screeched to a stop, the car had stopped at a big what looked like a metal barns with no windows and a convenient store style double doors that opened when approached. It was the candy/beer store Caroline's brother would hang out at for an estimated two months. Caroline was a happy but tired looking girl, she had short-medium brown hair in a ponytail as usual and blue eyes, she wore black pants and sporty t-shirts mostly under-armor. Her brother Monty, he'd wear blue-black jeans with any t-shirt that wasn't what he called "gay", he had green-hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair that was just above a medium amount. The one that drove the car was the mother of the two, the alcoholic. Her name was Anita, she had long wavy black hair and her son's green eyes. They all walked in happy to see everyone at the store, The mother introduced everyone working to the two and the children introduced themselves to the workers. They all went back in the car and drove down a long road of pebble and stones. It was just behind the store. It lead to a big house only two floors. It was one of the many scattered houses in the forest, most of them nice. They all barreled out of the car. The two children mostly exited while Anita wasn't as much. The kids wondered around the house after being told where everything was. Anita had said she had the late shift at work and with hat she left in the red car outside the house. "I hope she hasn't stashed any liquor somewhere." Caroline said staring her brother down with a worried look, "She couldn't of so quickly, we have only been here for 5 minutes!" They both sat on the couch and watched t.v. intill' late. The brother headed upstairs while the younger one, Caroline, stood up and hung around for a bit. But something felt off, she looked out the window at the forest that lay close the house, she looked at it carefully but- decided it was nothing. She was just about to turn the volume back on the t.v. when she heard a "clunk!" in one of the walls- as if someone threw a rock at the house. She was only 10 at the time but she had guts! She threw on her shoes and went outside to investigate. "Well it sure left a f*cking mark on the house's paint job!" Caroline wasn't to happy. Then she heard another "clunk!". "WHO'S THERE!?" Caroline shouted preparing herself "SHOW YOURSELF MOTHERF*CKER!" she screamed with the biggest rock she could find in her hand ready to chuck it at whatever came at her! She walked over to where she heard it. But instead of finding a shipped paint job, she found some type of- drawing? "I'M WATCHING" after se read if she turnt her head looking around for anyone. Nothing. She heard a twig snap near the start of a path, she ran to the start and saw a dark figure, about the size of a 17 year old, maybe in a hoodie? "GET OVER HERE AND FACE ME YOU F*CKER!" She yelled running at the figure. It started to run. Each time she got close it would slip out of her reach, by about 15 minutes of chasing the figure she was in the middle of the woods and she saw it run into the woods. "YOU BETTER FUCKING RUN!" she yelled at it and chucked the rock. "Dammit..." she said. She started walking back, when doing o she looked at her watch, 11:00 she read "Not even close to the end of mom's shift..." by 11:18 she was back at the house. She went to sleep that night irritated to be enable to chase down that 17 year old, but went sleep anyway. the next day her mom made waffles and left, she left a note next to her waffles, "I had to go, enjoy!" The whip cream hadn't melted and the blueberries weren't warm, so she decided to eat- she turned her had to find another note, "Hey sis went golfing with John, u can have my waffles." It was from Monty. She was close to eating so close, but she heard a knock on the door. She walked up and answered it, she opened it to find another one of those picture-notes. "CAN I HAVE SOME WAFFLES?" she whispered "wtf?" she looked around and found no one. But than again. She would rather bribe someone to leave her alone than to do nothing about it. She took her brother's plate of waffles and left it out with a note she wrote, "Who are you and why are you watching me?" it read. She ate her waffles and waited for another know on the door, "Knock" she opened the door the plate was licked clean and the note lay on it, she opened it, "I'm T.T. find out what that stands for, and I have too for reasons that can't be exact." is what T.T. put for a reply. The next 12 DAYS her brother was out golfing all the time, returning late than just sleeping and leaving to early for Caroline to see him, her mom to busy to even TALK to Caroline she was either out heavily drinking or at work. Caroline and T.T. exchanged notes each morning and also ate waffles. She slowly started going insane. She hadn't talked to anyone in may I REMIND YOU, 12 DAYS! All she had was whoever T.T. was! And even that couldn't help her, each day she walked further and further down the path she ran the first night. And each inch her walk grew, the more insane she became. The same thing went on for 25 MORE DAYS! She started talking to herself and her mom was so busy she made waffles herself, she was great at it but that's not what mattered, she spoke out loud waiting for T.T. to answer her, than the next day, her brother came home. "Hey si-" "YOU COME HOME NOW!?!???" Caroline interrupted, yelling at her brother. "YOU LEFT ME HERE ALMOST COMPLETELY A LONE FOR 46 DAYS!!!" "Sis! What the f*ck is wrong with you! Are you fucking retarded!?" When Caroline heard the word retarded in the first REAL sentence her brother had said to her in 46 DAYS she snapped. "She heard a whisper from outside, it sounded like what she could imagine T.T. would sound like, a 17 year old boy "Do it." "I know you need to, I know you want to..." "Dooooo it." She turned around to find a kitchen knife she used to cut her waffles up with. She took the knife jumped on her brother and knocked him back to floor, she covered his eyes with the palm of one hand while using the other one- she stabbed his arms and torso quickly, and cleanly several times before hearing a "mhpft" from her brother, she saw him stop moving and completely cease of any movement, when she realize her brother was completely dead she smiled......she was more sane than ever, and she realized. It felt good to kill, but not just animals like deer and rabbits, no, no, no, it felt good only with- PEOPLE. "My task is complete, would you like to do this all the time?" T.T. asked, "Yes" "do you wish to do it with a group?" "Yes" "do you wish to join me and my 'friends' to do this?" "YES!" Caroline had said yes, and wanted badly to feel the rush, the joy! "Get your best stalker clothes and lets get going!" She ran upstairs and put her black hoodie and her Fabric mouth mask on, along with a new pair of black pants. She, she looked sweet, but right for murder, "Sweet" Caroline said looking at herself, "Sweet-Caroline". Caroline walked into the woods with the hooded 17 year old. The police were called shortly after and found the body of her brother but the murderer weapon used was missing. The mother was sewed by the Father and put in jail, the father won the case, shortly after the two years served she was let out she was found dead in her living room suffering several stab wounds and bullet holes. The case of Caroline V. H. may be brought up a little bit every here and now but never did anyone solve it. Some people say that she ran into the woods with someone and never came out, and sometimes you can hear her faintly on some days in the dead of night. 


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